Harrow United Church
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Harrow United Church - Weddings

Congratulations on your decision to marry! From our own experience we know it is a time of excitement, anticipation, happiness and perhaps some anxiety.

We are pleased that you have invited us as representatives of the church to be part of your growing relationship. We welcome you to the fellowship and support of the church community at Harrow United Church.

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Harrow United Church - Baptisms

The birth of a child is usually a time of joy and excitement. For most of us it is natural to give thanks to God for the gift of life.

The community of the church rejoices with parents and families, welcoming a newcomer into our midst.

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Harrow United Church - Funerals

Harrow United Church provides service to its members as well as to members of the community. Church policy stipulates that the Harrow minister and church musician will preside over any services conducted at Harrow.

The building is wheelchair accessible and has an infra-red hearing system. The sanctuary holds 250 people.

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