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Rental Rates


Harrow United Church Rental Rates

Additional Charge for Kitchen Usage


(holds 250 people)
$55/hour (minimum rental of 2 hours)
$35.00 light use/$100 heavy use

Upper Hall

(holds 200)
$35.00 light use/$100 heavy use

Lower Hall

(holds 65)
$35.00 light use/$100 heavy use

Narthex or Balcony

(holds 20)
$35.00 light use/$100 heavy use


Note: light use of kitchen is for beverage / snack service only. Heavy use of kitchen is for meal service and ANY use of the ovens.

* An additional fee of $20 will be added for caretaking services following the event. 

NOTE: The Parlour is not available for rent. This room is only for the use of groups directly affiliated with The United Church of Canada.


  1. For multiple room use by any persons or groups, rates will be charged for each room.

  2. For meetings of committees of the United Church Conference of Manitoba and NW Ontario, or meetings of Winnipeg Presbytery, its Councils and Committees, charges may be waived.

  3. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone (other than our present congregation) wanting to use Harrow United Church SANCTUARY is to give seven (7) days written notice listing their intentions of usage. This request shall go before the Worship Committee who may take it to the Harrow Church Council for approval.