Funeral Information


Harrow United Church provides service to its members as well as to members of the community. Church policy stipulates that the Harrow minister and church musician will preside over any services conducted at Harrow. The building is wheelchair accessible and has an FM hearing system. The sanctuary holds 250 people.

In addition to funeral and memorial services, the church and its staff are available to individuals and families for counselling and support… please call or contact us if there are ways we can be of service to you.

The church hall and kitchen are also available for a reception. Church members are available to oversee preparations; food is provided through a caterer, which can be arranged either by the family or by the church.

There is no fee for the use of the church. Effective April 2019, Honoraria are applicable for the following:

Minister $250.00
Organist $150.00
Harrow United Church $250.00 (provision of tea, coffee, juice and water, and serving of catered food)

A receipt will be provided for these honoraria and for any additional donations.