RENTAL RATES  (Revised August 1, 2017)

Contact information:  phone 204-284-0079 or email 

Sanctuary (holds 250 people)   $55 (minimum 2 hr rental)
Upper Hall (holds 200 people)  $40
Lower Hall (holds 65 people)  $30 
Narthex or Balcony (holds 20 people)  $25
 Light Kitchen Use  $35
 Full (Heavy) Kitchen Use  $100

Please Note: light use of kitchen is for beverage / snack service only. Heavy use of kitchen is for meal service and ANY use of the ovens.

A $20 refundable key deposit is required by all persons/groups renting space at Harrow United Church.

* An additional surcharge of $20 for care-taking will be charged for kitchen rentals &/or larger groups.

PLEASE NOTE: The Parlour is not available for rent. This room is only for the use of groups directly affiliated with The United Church of Canada.


  1. For multiple room use by any persons or groups, rates will be charged for each room.
  2. For meetings of committees of the Prairie to Pine Region charges may be waived.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone (other than our present congregation) wanting to use Harrow United Church SANCTUARY is to give seven (7) days written notice listing their intentions of usage. This request shall go before the Worship Committee who may take it to the Harrow Church Council for approval.


  • The Sanctuary is a place of worship and it is to be used with respect at all times.
  • The premises must be left in the same condition they were in when entered. “Users” will be responsible for breakage or damage to the premises.
  • Harrow United Church will not be responsible for money or articles left on the premises.
  • Harrow United Church has a policy of ‘No Smoking’ within the Church premises.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the Church premises.
  • “Users” are responsible for setting up any tables and chairs or other items that they need for their function and putting away all of these items following their event. Users will not remove anything from the walls, cupboards, etc.  If tablecloths or other ornamentation are removed, they must be put back in place before the person responsible for cleanup leaves the building.
  • “Users” are responsible for taking out your garbage, reasonable cleaning of floors, etc. “Users” are also responsible for cleaning up in the Kitchen after use and washing china, utensils, coffee pot, etc.  A person shall be designated to ensure the premises are left in clean and tidy condition.
  • We require a person to be designated to become familiar with safety procedures, and to ensure that all the doors and windows are left secure, that all the lights are turned off, and that if you have overrode the automatic thermostat’s settings, they are then turned down. If you have a key and an Alarm Code, and if you are the last one in the building, you are responsible to set the Alarm System.


  • To book space you may contact the Church Secretary at 204-284-0079 or by e-mail at
  • You will be required to sign a contract for the use of Harrow premises.
  • You must designate one person to become familiar with the safety and security procedures of the Church, and one to be responsible for clean-up.
  • If other persons or groups are sharing the building with you, please let them know that you are in the building, and when you are leaving.