At Harrow, we recognize that we are not alone:  as we seek ways to be a blessing in the larger neighbourhood  as we gather for worship, for play, for study and discussion, for food and laughter as we grow in understanding of what reconciliation means as we wrestle with financial challenges  We are not alone  when we are wounded by grief or pain or betrayal or addiction when our hearts long for a better world when we struggle to discern what it means to be ‘church’ in changing times when we ask, “What would Jesus do?” 

Thank you to all who bought a ticket for the beautiful quilted spread. A winner has been drawn. Congratulations to Jean who is now the lucky owner of this beautifully made quilt!

Click to watch the video of the draw

Souper Sharing Sunday 

Click the links to watch these inspiring videos of past Souper Sharings:

Curt Hall from Climate Change Connection joins us for a Zoom presentation. Is it possible to meet emissions targets? Is it really an option to not do so? What are some of the things we can do as individuals? Should I get an electric vehicle? What about car co-ops?

Jocelyn Bell Watch the presentation and conversation with the editor of the multi-award-winning Broadview magazine. She discussed changes, challenges and success stories!

Karen Froman teaches about traditional plants and healing medicines, including those planted in the Harrow United Church Reconciliation Gardens June 2021 Karen is of mixed Kahnawake, Haudenosaunee, and Irish/English/Dutch ancestry. Her father attended the Mohawk Institute Residential School Karen teaches history at the University of Winnipeg, and recently completed her PHD thesis at the University of Manitoba.

Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, Executive Director of 1JustCity joins us for a virtual “Souper Sunday” with updates on Just a Warm Sleep and other programs of the United Church outreach ministries.

Sherry Heppner joins us for a Zoom conversation about what is happening at the Convalescent Home of Winnipeg and how we can continue our support of the staff, residents and programs.

Josh Ward, Community Minister at St. Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry joined us for a virtual “Souper Sunday”. Thanks for sharing what’s happening on the ground with the ministries of 1JustCity Josh! 

Les Parry, Habitat volunteer, joins us for Souper Sharing Sunday with an update on Habitat for Humanity Manitoba.

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Knitters, crocheters, and quilters keep us supplied with a wonderful array of prayer shawls available to anyone who would like to have one or take one to someone else.

If you know of someone who would enjoy the comfort of a prayer shawl contact the church office.

Donations of yarn are always welcome.

Prayer shawls are given to those who are facing challenges or sorrow and also to celebrate births.

Contact the church for more information!