Faithful Readers

The Faithful Readers book club

The Faithful Readers meet at Harrow approximately once a month

in the Church Parlour from 1:30 – 3:30 pm 

unless otherwise stated.

Feel free to join.

Call the church office if you have questions.

955 Mulvey Avenue.

Telephone: 204-284-0079             Office e-mail:  


Here are the upcoming books that they will be reading:

January 30, 2019

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

12:30 pm Pot Luck Lunch Discussion and Movie

Presenter: Virginia P.

A grumpy yet loveable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door. Meet Ove. He’s a curmudgeon, the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. He has staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. You will love him.




                                                         February 27, 2019

Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga

Presenter: Shirley M.

Seven Fallen Feathers tells the stories of seven First Nations students who were attending high school in the city far away from their homes and families.

In this book, award-winning investigative journalist Tanya Talaga looks at each of their lives and their situations while they were living in Thunder Bay, as well as the circumstances of their disappearances and deaths.





                                 March 27, 2019

Born a Crime: Stories … by Trevor Noah

Presenter: Jackie G.


Born a Crime is the story of a mischievous young boy who grows into a restless young man as he struggles to find himself in a world where he was never supposed to exist. It is also the story of that young man’s relationship with his fearless, rebellious, and fervently religious mother—his teammate, a woman determined to save her son from the cycle of poverty, violence, and abuse that would ultimately threaten her own life.




April 24, 2019

Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

Presenter: Em P.

An accomplished concert pianist, Richard received standing ovations from audiences all over the world in awe of his rare combination of emotional resonance and flawless technique. Every finger of his hands was a finely calibrated instrument, dancing across the keys and striking each note with exacting precision. That was eight months ago.

Richard now has ALS, and his entire right arm is paralyzed. His fingers are impotent, still, devoid of possibility. The loss of his hand feels like a death, a loss of true love, a divorce—his divorce. He knows his left arm will go next.


                                                      May 29, 2019

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Windup Dinner at 6 pm

Presenter: Cecile R.

In an enthralling new historical novel from national bestselling author Kate Quinn, two women—a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947—are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption.






                                                         September 25, 2019

We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter

5:30 pm Pot Luck Supper

Discussion and Movie

Presenter: Jeanie R.

Inspired by the incredible true story of one Jewish family separated at the start of World War II, determined to survive—and to reunite—We Were the Lucky Ones is a tribute to the triumph of hope and love against all odds.




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