All are welcome at Harrow United Church

We are not alone. Caring and Sharing God’s love in and for the world.

When hands can’t touch, hearts reach out.

Watch our video.

More hearts reach out.

For the next few weeks, some of our hard-working staff and volunteers will be taking a break from producing online worship.

We know many of you have been exploring other online services as well as Harrow’s and we encourage everyone to continue worshipping using resources provided by others while we take a break. There are many and varied options out there!

Karen will continue to check-in at the office and to monitor messages, so please be in touch if there is anything you need or want.

Peace be with you.

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All regular programs and bookings at Harrow are suspended until further notice.
Many of these activities and programs are continuing in new formats thanks to the wonders of technology.

Rhyme and Storytime Summer Edition!
Please join us every Friday morning for new videos on our Facebook page or watch all of the videos on YouTube.

Yoga – Patricia Kovnats is offering yoga using a simple app called zoom. For more information, contact Patricia directly or call the church 204-284-0079.

Summer Online Yoga Sessions!

Mondays 9:30-11am. Sessions will run until August 31
Entire session is $90 or $10 per individual drop-in class.
Wednesdays 9:30-11am. This session will run to September 2.
Entire session is $90 or $10 per individual drop-in class.
You can pay online

Dare to Clog Darolyn is doing a live broadcast of Monday and Thursday evening groups. This may expand to other times in future. For more information:

Prayer Shawl

With all of this extra time on our hands- what are you doing to keep busy?
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is individuals who knit or crochet prayer shawls that are gifted to people experiencing illness, grief, trauma and other situations. They are also gifted to welcome a new family member.
Perhaps you’d like to contribute? We’d be happy to share patterns. Call the Church office to connect.

The Good Morning Alanon Family Group has posted a message – please check it out under the Community Activities tab above.

We’ve started a Harrow bulletin board – if you have anything you would like to post or add, please submit messages through the office by phone or email.

Please feel free to contact the church office at 204-284-0079 or by email to

View our video. Click Here.

Greetings from Harrow United Church.

Harrow United would like to share these daily devotionals with you from the United Church of Christ.

If you are interested, please click here.