Rhyme & Storytime Summer Edition

Be sure to have your children join Michelle each Friday morning on our Facebook page beginning at 9:00 for Rhyme and Storytime Summer Edition. We will share videos each week with a new summer-time theme with crafts, songs and adventures.


Family Week

We have met many of the Harrow families when we were meeting for Rhyme and Storytime at Harrow United Church. We enjoyed spending time with you. Even though we haven’t been meeting in person, we hope that you have enjoyed watching our videos these past few months.


We dedicate these videos about family to all of our Harrow families. Thanks for watching and spending the summer with us.

Watch Family Week here.

There are so many great storybooks about family. Today we’re going to read ‘The Berenstain Bears New Baby’. It fits perfectly with our family theme. Click here to watch the video.



I Love You, Mommy is about being little and wanting to try new things. Luckily this little bear has a mommy close by to keep him safe. Watch the video here.


Family Collage- Craft

Download the My Family art background and then make or cut out pictures of things that your family likes to do together to make a family collage! Watch the video here.

You Are My Sunshine– a favourite song that is sung to many of us as babies. Watch the video here.

Check out the bloopers and outtakes from the past few months- there are lots of giggles! Enjoy.


Nursery Rhymes

A nursery rhyme is a traditional poem or song for children. What is your favourite nursery rhyme? We have several nursery rhymes, songs, a story and a Humpty Dumpty craft.  View the entire video here.

You CAN put Humpty Dumpty together again with this fun craft. Download the template here, then glue it, add a face and hold the cracks together with band-aids. Watch the video for instructions.

One of the oldest nursery rhymes that is still around today is Pat a cake, pat a cake, baker’s man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. The earliest recorded version of the rhyme was in 1698.

Watch these nursery rhyme videos:

Hey Diddle Diddle

Little Bo Peep

Little Miss Muffet

Watch this story/song about a nutty old lady in an odd eating situation…  I know an old lady who swallowed a fly.

That story doesn’t have a very good ending does it but it’s just a  silly story that started as a rhyme- with a few different versions as far back as 1947.

More songs to sing-a-long to:

Baa Baa Black Sheep is a song that goes back as far as 1731. That is a really long time ago.

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a well-loved favourite, too! If you like singing, we have lots of fun songs for you to sing along to. Just click on Circle Time Songs

Thanks for watching Rhyme & Storytime Summer Edition.

Rainy Day Toolkit

We have lots of fun ideas to keep your kids/grandkids busy on a rainy day using items from around the house.

Watch the full video here.

Make your own bubble mixture and try using household items to blow bubbles with it. The recipe is here.

Make Cloud Dough for hours of playful fun. Only two ingredients! Watch here.



We have ideas for card-making, too, using cookie cutters and tissue paper! You can also download our shapes template here to trace on coloured paper or colour them in with your crayons. Watch the video here.



If you like music, how about a dance party? Watch this video to see what Michelle likes to do on a rainy day. Or we can sing a song! Rain Rain Go Away Sing-a-long.


You can also snuggle up and read your favourite book. Click here to listen to All By Myself.





On the Move

We’re talking about the many vehicles that you can use for transportation. From bicycles to airplanes Watch here.

A hot air balloon is another way to get around but probably not something that many of us have had the opportunity to do! Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? We have a fun craft to make your very own hot air balloon art!

Click here to download the template.

Make a paint brush using a pom pom and a clothes pin. Watch the video here.


Do you know your bicycle safety? We will learn about it with this book, Franklin’s Bicycle Helmet. Click here to watch the video.


We visited the Historical military aircraft on display at 17 Wing, Air Force Way in Winnipeg. Check it out in this video.


We have 2 fun songs for you to watch and sing-a-long to: Row Row Row Your Boat and Zoom Zoom Zoom. Click here.

And if you haven’t already watched the video we made for Car, Car that we made a couple of months ago, be sure to check it out, too.

We have 4 different bingo cards that you can download and print off. Take the bingo cards on your next drive with your family, or even a walk around your neighbourhood, and see who can find the most items on your card. Click the cards below to print.

Community Week!

This week on Rhyme & Storytime Summer Edition we’re talking about community. What does community mean? Is it places, people or the things we do?

From bears in windows and encouraging messages to sidewalk chalk, we’re showing our community that we’re there for each other. We’re talking about what makes a community!


Writing and drawing messages on the sidewalk is one way to brighten up somebody’s day! Click here to watch the video.

In the same theme, you can also watch this well-known Muppets/Sesame Street video. Click here.

Rainbow Suncatcher craft

Download the rainbow template: Click here to download template

And watch the video to learn what to do to make your own rainbow suncatcher for your window!

Click here to watch how to make it!


Bird Week!

It’s Bird Week on Rhyme and Storytime Summer Edition. We visited the Assiniboine Park Zoo and learned about different species of birds. Which one is your favourite?

Zoo Bird Video

Learn about the Toucan, Snowy Owl and Peacock

Make this birdhouse craft with Michelle


Animal Week!

It’s Animal Week on Rhyme and Storytime Summer Edition.

We’re visiting the animals at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Which one is your favourite?


Did you know that there are 9 polar bears at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg? We’re checking out the Journey to Churchill exhibit and learning all about polar bears.



Sing along to this fun video about zoo animals!



Bug Week!

Did you know that the dragonfly is the fastest flying insect in the entire world? And that there are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world? We’re talking about insects because it’s Bug Week on Rhyme and Storytime Summer Edition. Check out the video to learn about a few of our favourite bugs. We Love Bugs!

We’re painting and hiding rocks. Join the fun. Click here to watch the video.

Download the 3 insect templates for this fun nature photo project! Click here to watch the video.

Butterfly template

Ladybug template

Bee template

Cut out the middle of the insect template and then hold it up against nature to take a cool photo!


Sing-along time! Let’s sing along to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Click here to watch the video.


We’re learning about ladybugs and making one out of clay. Click here to watch.





Nature Week!

We’re going on a nature scavenger hunt. You can download our list before you go, Have fun!

Nature Scavenger Hunt list

Watch the video here.



Leaf Rubbings Art Project

Have you ever tried leaf rubbings? It’s a fun and easy art project. You can pick a few different leaves when you are on your nature scavenger hunt.

Supplies: leaves, crayons and paper.

We will show you how. Watch the video here.

How many reindeers can you find?

We’re going on a fun adventure searching for unique wooden carvings. These adorable reindeer displays are found on the Sturgeon Creek pathway. A local artist creates them and has been placing them under trees, in the creek and other areas. See how many you can find!

Watch the video here.

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