Weekly Message June 27

The link for this week’s worship is:



Like many of you, those us producing online worship are ready for a change of pace. This week’s worship will be the last new edition until mid-August. 

The office will remain open. If you have need for the minister or for other services the church could provide, please do not hesitate to be in touch. 


Thank you to all all who supported our Souper Sharing last week in support of our new Reconciliation Gardens.

Thanks to Karen Froman for sharing her knowledge, and to Susan Ketchen and crew for all the work on the gardens.

 If you missed the zoom conversation about native species and sacred medicines, an edited version is now posted on our Youtube channel:



Rhyme and Storytime continues all summer. Michelle and Sherry are hard at work with creative ideas and video adventures. 

Link to all the videos from our webpage:


Faithful Readers Wednesday, July 7

Looking to discuss a Canadian mystery novel? Faithful Readers (which is anyone who wants to be part of the discussion) will hold a virtual meeting on zoom to discuss A Better Man by Louise Penny.



Sunday coffee every week from 10 to 10:40am

You’re always welcome for Sunday morning coffee and conversation. This is a great time to see some familiar Harrow faces, to meet new people, to chat about our lives and the world, and just enjoy some time together. The zoom link (same every week) for Sunday coffee is:


We believe Harrow United Church provides valuable ministry – connecting people with one another; connecting people with neighbours, connecting people with faith and with God. 

Such ministry is the combined work of many people. We are grateful for all the ways in which folks participate in and support the ministry of Harrow United Church, and we want to give a gentle reminder that we also appreciate your financial support!  THANKS!!



Prayer at the beginning of Worship (June 27, 2021)

We are glad of this time of worship, time set aside. In the events of our days, in the extraordinary and the mundane, in the events of our community, in the events of our world … open our eyes, our hearts, our minds to your presence in our midst, O Holy One.

We thank you and praise you, for you are the God of all Creation.

For the colours of the earth – black and brown and red …

For the fullness of the moon, its presence watching over our nights

For the growth of beans and corn, or wheat and cucumber, or milkweed and fruit trees

For all the ways you help us to understand that we are all related – to one another as human beings – related in our joys and in our suffering, in our sorrow and in our celebration

For all the ways you help us to understand that we are all related – the rocks and the rivers, the trees and the animals, and the human ones … created for one another, created by your love, created for beauty.

We thank you and praise you, God of all Creation.

Hear us, and bless us, as we bring you our song of praise, Amen 

One of the hymns we used in our worship this week is Healer of Our Every Ill by Marty Haugen. It is found at 619 in Voices United. The words are really a prayer:

            Healer of our every ill,

            light of each tomorrow,

            give us peace beyond our fear,

            and hope beyond our sorrow.


Praying that these long summer days bring light and hope to all. 


Yours in Christ,


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Harrow United Church











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