Weekly Message May 15

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In keeping with the theme of our Souper Sunday (Habitat for Humanity), this week’s worship focuses on Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish builders(Matthew 7: 24-29). 

As Jesus pointed out, even the most elaborate structures built on sand have little chance of withstanding the wind and the waves. Building on a more solid foundation (like rock, for example) is no guarantee that stormy weather won’t cause some damage, but if it the infrastructure is solid, it will weather the storm. Building solid foundations takes time and care … in our lives, in how we teach our children, in our institutions and our societies. The storm of pandemic has exposed the infrastructure – good or bad – of many in the past year. 

Our church Council will hold a meeting this coming week. It will, among other include some conversation about the infrastructure – the strong ‘bones’ of the Harrow congregation, and what God is inviting us to imagine for the future. 

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that helps to build not only homes, but solid foundations for families and for communities. 

With current conflicts in Israel/Palestine and other places, I wonder what solid foundations would need to be created to bring lasting peace, security and hope? 

The proceeds from Souper Sharing Sunday will go to Habitat for Humanity. If you missed the live Zoom event, a recording of the presentation will be on our YouTube channel later this week. We will be sure to share the link with you.

Sunday Coffee

Sunday coffee continues every week from 10 to 10:40am. This is a great time to see some of the familiar Harrow faces, to meet new people, to chat about our lives and the world, and just enjoy some time together. The zoom link (same every week) for Sunday coffee is:



Faithful Readers – May 26

So many books, so little time! Well – maybe a little more time than we used to have?

The Faithful Readers includes anyone who enjoys sharing a good read. We will meet by Zoom on Wednesday, May 26 at 1:30pm. 

The May meeting is a chance to share suggestions of reads for the coming year (or even for your summer reading if you pick up some good ideas). Bring your suggestions for the 2021-2022 season of reading.

Blessed by sunshine and warmth, may our world grow greener and our love and hope stay strong.



(Rev.) Teresa Moysey



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