Engaging with our Neighbours in Hope and Transformation

Harrow United Church

Engaging with our Neighbours in Hope and Transformation

November 2018

Greetings from Harrow United Church. We are so glad that you are a part of our community. Thank you for enlivening our spirit of “Caring and Sharing”.

It takes approximately $190,000 a year to keep the doors open at Harrow United Church.

At the end of October 2018, we had income of $140,000. That means we need a further $50,000 in November and December if we are to break even in 2018. We anticipate approximately $650 in rental income, and $900 in fundraising. This leaves approximately $48,500.

Another way to look at our finances – it costs (in round numbers):

  • $400/day to keep the doors open (heat, light, caretaking, insurance, taxes, administrative staff).
  • $205/day to keep a minister on staff.

We don’t have a ‘nest egg’ or a foundation or a reserve fund. We’re depending upon the generosity of those who share our passion for all this community embodies: hospitality, celebration, hope, healing and compassion.

How can you help?

  • A special one-time donation – by cash, cheque, or online through Canada Helps  Click here to make your online donation
  • Regular ongoing donations, through PAR (pre-authorized remittance), postdated cheques, weekly offering envelopes, or recurring donations through CanadaHelps.org
  • A gift of securities or shares – for those who are in the happy position of trying to mitigate capital gains, this is a way to make a charitable donation at the same time as saving on taxes.
  • Include Harrow United Church as a beneficiary in your will. Even small amounts from faithful supporters make a difference.

Perhaps you have a fabulous fund-raising idea you would like to take on to raise money for the church.

And while we are talking with you, we’d love to know what emphases and initiatives you would like to see Harrow involved in- do you have an idea about ways we can ‘engage with our neighbours in hope and transformation’? Please be in touch.

Yours in faith and hope,

Teresa Moysey

Minister, Harrow United Church

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