What we are thankful for

Some messages from the Harrow United Church community about what they are thankful for:


1. I am grateful for technology, the ability to be connected to family and friends through email, messenger, Skype and Zoom.  Also so many options available for movies and music and historical documentaries.  I’m not a television watcher so I really appreciate the New York Metropolitan Opera streaming free operas every night for the last 22 weeks and YouTube with a huge variety of documentaries – mostly British I’m discovering, also free.

2. I am grateful for “fur family” ‘cos I would be dreadfully lonely with nothing alive in my bubble except me.

3. I am grateful for neighbours who call and say “I’m heading to XYZ for whatever do you need anything?”  And friends who call every few weeks to check on me.

4. I am grateful for my backlane neighbour who saw I had graffiti on my garage and painted it out for me.

5. I am grateful for you – trying to keep our church family worshipping together, alone. 

6. I am grateful that so far no-one I know and care about has tested positive for the virus.


At Thanksgiving I am grateful for all my friends at Harrow and for the work you all do for the church in this place. I am thankful for your faithful visitors who deliver remembrances and for phone calls. The pandemic has isolated all of us from one another but especially those in assisted living.

For the church at Harrow and its ministry of hospitality and friendship I give thanks.


Our family, our community, our church, our friends, the great outdoors, food and shelter. 

We are thankful for our beautiful province with so many places to explore.

We are grateful that schools are open and the teachers that are creating a positive atmosphere for the kids amidst all the changes and uncertainty. 

Thank you to researchers and health care workers working daily to find a cure and treatment for COVID-19. 

Lisa, Jeff and Diana:

We are grateful for our family and friends. Although we can’t get together the way we would have before the pandemic, we are thankful that technology has allowed us to find different ways to connect with each other.


I am grateful for my warm, comfortable home and having caring family to be able to visit and  celebrate special days together.


I am thankful for visiting Mum. Thankful for the Loving Mum she has always been.


One of the things that really stands out for me right now is how grateful I am to live here in Canada. I watch the news and see people struggling throughout the world and my heart goes out to them.  I’m thankful for the relative safety and security we enjoy here.


I am grateful for my family and of course, my health.  Grateful that we celebrated Dad’s life when we did and the way we did it

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