2020 Appeal Letter

Greetings from Harrow United Church. Grace and peace to you.

For so many years, Harrow United Church has been a vibrant community of individuals and families who are dedicated to sharing and caring. Harrow – the building, its programs, its people, and its outreach is a community resource for so many.

It is a community that looks for ways to make a difference– with our neighbours and also with the wider world.

Harrow has managed to keep a connection even during these difficult days of closed doors and physical distancing. We’re celebrating our relationship with God through online Worship, we’re practicing yoga through the lens of our smart phones, we’re watching videos with our children and grandchildren, we’re meeting virtually to discuss our favourite books or to check in or check up on each other, we’re delivering packages of Advent candles and other resources, we’re sending out a weekly message …

We’re being resourceful, creative and mindful so that we are not alone. So that YOU are not alone.

We are particularly grateful for the work of Sherry Rasmussen, our communications coordinator and for her creativity and hard work. It is so important in these times and we REALLY hope we can continue to engage her services – but we need your commitment – not just for Sherry, but for the other staff: office administrator Karen, bookkeeper Allyson, caretaker Dave, music director John and minister Teresa. And then of course to keep the building operational and ready to receive worshipers and dancers, renters and musicians …

As you have opportunity, please check out the amazing videos Sherry has created featuring some of our Harrow folk with their heartfelt messages about “What Harrow means to me”. You have even come across them on social media on Giving Tuesday, December 1

Here’s the ask: Can you help us reach a goal of $15,000 for our annual appeal?

There are many ways to donate:

We believe in Harrow and in its present and future. If Harrow is important to you in some way, we invite you show your support during our financial campaign.

“It is great for my kids to see people serving their community and kind people caring about their neighbours.”  Zach

“With online church service, Sunday coffee, book club and yoga I can participate by Zoom. It makes me feel like I’m still a part of a community.”  Dorothy

“They make you feel welcome no matter your age, gender or race. They will always treat you the same.” Vandale family

“We had our daughter baptised at Harrow last year, it was the perfect way to welcome her, not just into our family, but into her church family.”  Lisa, Jeff & Diana

With gratitude,

Yours in faith,

 Teresa Moysey                                                           Cheryl Anderson

minister, Harrow United Church                                Chair of Council

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