Happy Easter

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Hallelujah! Christ is Risen! May blessings of hope and joy abound!

A Sermon Snippet from this week’s service:

That first Easter, when Mary went to the tomb, it was in darkness – the darkness of the night before dawn, but also the darkness of her soul, herself – her terrible grief, her shock that it had come to this; her disbelief; and her questioning of herself as to how it might have turned out differently, or asking herself why hadn’t she understood when he was talking about so many things. And now there was no chance to ask … he was gone.

Until he speaks her name …

And even then, I suspect she didn’t know him fully … didn’t grasp the reality …. Or perhaps the unreality of his Being.

I wonder if Mary (and the others) had a growing awareness, an incremental grasp … like the growing light of day from night to sunrise … we come to understand God/Jesus in new and evolving ways, incremental ways (if we are lucky); we develop new understandings of what it is to live as followers of Jesus, as Christ –ones … those who declare the power of resurrection, of hope over despair, of love over hate. Our discipleship it evolves and grows too over time … if we take it seriously.

The scripture reading for this Easter service is John 19:38-20:18

Annual meeting of the Harrow congregation Sunday, April 18 beginning at 10am

10 a.m. coffee & visiting time; 10:30 meeting
Please note: This will be a hybrid meeting
(i.e. – if provincial guidelines allow, a small number of people will be able to gather at the church, and others will be able to participate and connect online. (We’re pretty confident we have the tech figured out!)

More information will arrive by a separate mail or email.

Super Sharing Sunday is April 11

We are thrilled to be hosting another Souper Sharing event. Our guest presenter will be Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, executive director of 1JustCity.

If you didn’t receive the separate email with details about ordering your soup, please be in touch with the church office. Tessa will join us at 11:30 on the 11th by zoom. All are welcome! Call 204 284-0079.

  • The kinds of soup we have for this month are: African Peanut Soup (Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegan); Bacon & Corn Chowder; Beef & Barley Soup; Beet Borscht; Broccoli Cheddar Soup; Cream of Mushroom Soup (NO Onion or Garlic); Dill Pickle Soup (Vegetarian); Ham & Pea Soup (G-F & L-F); Lentil Vegetable Soup;  (9 varieties). 
  • The suggested price for the Small (2-cup) size with biscuits and a cookie is $5; the Medium (3-cup) size with biscuits & cookies is $7.50, and the Large (4-cup) size with biscuits & cookies is $10.This is a suggested price only; the purchase price is by donation.  All the fundraising proceeds this month will be forwarded to
  • The frozen soups will all be at the church for pick-up on Friday, April 9th between 1 – 3 p.m.   You will pay at   the time of pick-up.  Each soup will have a label, with the kind of soup, the month it was made, and all the ingredients.  There are Gluten- and Lactose-Free soups, as well as some Vegan soups, and one with NO Onion or Garlic.  If you are not able to pick your soup up from the church, we can make some home deliveries.
  • The drivers delivering your soup will also pick-up your payment and get the money [cash or cheque (made out to “Harrow United Church”)] back to the church.

Here is the information to join our recurring Souper Sharing Sunday zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83353533782?pwd=bE91M1ZJUVJTeUdsTWVJMnVCdGtiUT09

Meeting ID: 833 5353 3782                   Passcode: 058992        

Sunday Virtual Coffee

And just a Note – for those who enjoy our Sunday morning coffee time, we will be meeting as usual for our Virtual Sunday Coffee from 10 – 10:40.

The recurring link is still: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5350905838?pwd=VStlNmw1MlpIOWR5VUwxK1FXZHFtZz09

Wishing you many blessings of this Easter season, and many glimpses of Resurrection!


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Caring and Sharing in the Community since 1916

Harrow United Church is located on Treaty One Territory, and in the heart of the Metis nation.

We acknowledge with gratitude the water which flows to us from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation.

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