Weekly Message for May 17


In our worship for May 17th, I included this photo as part of the Especially for Children conversation – it is a reminder to me that there are a variety of perspectives which I sometimes don’t consider or notice. The three-year-old who took this photograph has a completely different view of the entry to a house than I do – unless I happen to have tripped and found myself lying on the front step! I suggested that one of the things Jesus did was to help people understand there are different perspectives, different understandings depending on one’s place in a story or a society.

One of the ways we try to remember that there are people who see things from a different perspective from us is to sing songs in languages that wasn’t the first one we learned (or even the second, or third, or fourth language). It can be a reminder to us that all over the world, all kinds of people in all kinds of places and circumstances sing praises to God.

So, maybe you’ll find yourself humming Siyahamba/We are marching in the light of God for the rest of the day after watching worship. And maybe trying to figure out how my neighbours created that video …?

The link for this week’s worship is https://youtu.be/iuLX7CBV2Io

We are grateful to have the musical gifts of Jim and Jean Strathdee and the MacNair Smirl family to augment John’s solo piano.

And don’t forget – you can join others for Virtual Sunday Coffee each week 10 – 10:40 a.m. If you haven’t yet requested the zoom link for that, please send me an email or text. Once you have the link, it will work for any Sunday at that time.

Upper Room daily devotional booklets

Some of you will know that we subscribe to daily devotional booklets that arrive at the church every couple of months. Because there is no one going in and out of the building these days, this resource is going unused. There are 7 copies of the May-June Upper Room booklets available. If you would like one, please contact Karen in the church office and she will send one in the mail or arrange for a pick-up or drop off.

Prayers this week

For tulips and daffodils, sunshine and rain,

for family and friends, for laughter and music, for hope and for joy

… for ALL the signs of your presence among us,


Trusting in your compassionate love, we bring you prayers:

for those who are grieving, those who fearful, all who are vulnerable,

for weary workers, and bored and lonely self-isolators,

for those who are angry, those who are anxious,

for those whose names we know: Yvonne and family and friends of Neil as they mourn his death; Charlotte, Arlene, Jackie and Chris; for E and T and all others caught in abusive relationships; for Fay and for Alice; for Ian & Kay;

for farmers and farm workers in this fragile season of promise, hard work, and high hopes; for those who have lost their jobs or their businesses, or who live in fear of doing so …

and for those whose names we will never know but who bear hardship or sorrow, isolation or fear ….

we lift our hearts in prayer.


Keeping in touch

Please let us know if you have concerns, suggestions or contributions you would like to make to the life of our community – great change also brings great opportunity … may we be open to God’s Spirit in these times.

Till next time, may you dwell securely in the love of God,

in whom we live and move and have our being.

Peace, joy, courage and hope be your companions this day and every day.

Yours in Christ,


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Harrow United Church

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