Weekly Message for November 8

Let your light shine.

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Let your light shine.

You’ve probably heard this phrase. You may even be aware that the gospels record Jesus uttering these words. It’s part of the Sermon on the Mount (or the Sermon on the Plain as it is called in some gospels).

The gospel reading for this week is another story, a parable told by Jesus in this instance, about light shining in the dark. The reading is Matthew 25: 1-13 – the story of the 10 bridesmaids.

If you’ve ever been involved in a wedding, you will know that there seem to be a fair number of expectations of those in the wedding party, the families, and the circle of friends. In the parable Jesus tells, one of the tasks of the 10 bridesmaids is to ‘shine their light’ – to have lamps ready to light the way when the wedding procession comes to the banqueting hall. They were oil lamps; the wedding party was much delayed; some of the bridesmaids ran out of oil …

Most weddings have some sort of hiccup or misadventure.

The theme of ‘let your light shine’ forms the focus for one of the prayers which I used for our worship this week. It is written by Marlene Kropf of Elkhart, Indiana, and is published in Words for Worship 2, © 2009 Herald Press (editor Dianne Zaerr Brenneman). 

“Jesus Christ, Light of the world, we sing your praise, and we revel in your love. Let your light shine among us.

We give thanks for all the light that shines in our lives:

Our families who love us, friends who care for us, the body of Christ that binds us together, the beauty of the created world, meaningful work, and time for rest and Sabbath.

We thank you that at every day’s dawning we receive the fresh gift of your love and light, and at each day’s closing we rest in the comfort of your light and peace.

We pray for the light that has illumined our lives to be shed abroad in all the world

  • In distant countries and faraway places where bombs explode and life seems cheap;
  • In our nation where racism destroys the dignity of many, and reconciliation is achingly slow in coming;
  • In our towns and neighborhoods where families are hungry or abused, and hope is scarce;
  • Among those who mourn and grieve, for whom the light seems dim;
  • Among those in pain, physically, mentally, spiritually, for whom daily life is a struggle
  • Among those called our enemies, whether by our nation’s choice or our own;
  • And on Planet Earth, where harmful choices and practices threaten to destroy our home.

Jesus Christ, Light of the world, shine on us and your world today, and make us bearers of your light and love. Amen

Yours in Christ,


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Harrow United Church

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