Easter Blessings

Join us as we worship together, remotely, to celebrate Easter Sunday together. We are not alone. Click to view.


And the world has never been the same. At Easter we proclaim that God never abandons us – even in death – and that God is capable of transforming hatred and fear into love and generosity. May the messages of Easter bring you joy.

It strikes me that even in the most horrible circumstances, a beating followed by an execution – it was possible to offer loving care and attention to the broken and lifeless body – taken down from the cross, borne with care to a waiting tomb, and later, spices and wrappings and ointments brought to anoint and to prepare for life everlasting.

It is not so for some in the midst of this pandemic – even in the best of circumstances, it is not possible to gather all our friends and neighbours, our kith and kin, to lay to rest a loved one who has died. And for many in far-flung places, and perhaps nearby, there are stories of families unable to sit vigil at a bedside, or to pay their last respects, stories of unclaimed bodies, and of the need for mass graves as those who look after us in death are overwhelmed.

Yet, in this story of the first Easter – amidst the confusion, sorrow, fear, isolation, anger, regret, guilt – there were instances of loving touch, holy care and sharing burdens.

One side of the sign on the front lawn of the church has this message:

When hands can’t touch, hearts reach out.

It is really true that we are finding ways to reach out – and we are discovering how important it is to feel connected to one another and to our various communities. We need to know: We are not alone.

Easter Memorials

The Kowlessar family has submitted the following Easter memorials.

In loving memory of Jessie & Stan Watson and Edith & Arthur Wilson

from Neal, Pat, Debra and Jennifer Kowlessar

In loving memory of Len and Mildred Wilson

from Neal, Pat, Debra and Jennifer Kowlessar

Virtual Coffee Hour

We are thinking we might try a “virtual coffee hour” next Sunday, April 19th. We would do this with a group call on zoom. If you would like to be part of that experience or even think you might be interested, let us know and I will add you to the list of invitees. If you don’t know anything about Zoom and need a tutorial or virtual walk-through, please be in touch about that as well. We’re getting pretty good at helping people out from a distance!

Until next week, yours in Christ,


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Harrow United Church

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