Weekly Message for June 28

The link for this Sunday’s worship is: https://youtu.be/YfxHw07ZZko

Last week’s prayer

The prayer which I used during last week’s worship and which I printed with last week’s message contained some material for which I intended to give credit – but forgot to do so.

Specifically, the following was based on words by Adele Halliday in an online article published by Broadview magazine, What I Need From White People Right Now https://broadview.org/what-i-need-from-white-people/

“When we grow tired of seeing news articles about racism against Blacks or Indigenous Peoples, remind us that as tired as we are of seeing and hearing it, THEY are tired of living with it.

When we are tempted to take a break from being concerned about our neighbours, remind us they don’t have the privilege to opt out of the reality of racism and injustice.

As you poured out your Spirit at Pentecost, help us to know that your Spirit is moving among those of us who are privileged and comfortable – prompting, disrupting, prodding and urging. And help us to know that your Spirit is also moving among those who are wounded – soothing, comforting and encouraging.”

I am grateful to Adele for the strength and courage to share her perspective and grateful in particular for the words used in our worship.

Sunday Virtual Coffee continues each week from 10am until approximately 10:40. The link for this zoom coffee is changing.  If you would like to ‘drop in’ for coffee any Sunday, just request the recurring link to the zoom meeting. It’s a great way to stay connected and catch up on the news we often share over the coffee and goodies table when we are actually worshipping in the church building.


Holiday time

For the next few weeks, some of our hard-working staff and volunteers will be taking a break from producing online worship. We know many of you have been exploring other online services as well as Harrow’s and we encourage everyone to continue worshipping using resources provided by others while we take a break. There are many and varied options out there! Karen will continue to check-in at the office and to monitor messages, so please be in touch if there is anything you need or want.


As some of you might be aware, the financial situation of our congregation is somewhat tenuous. At this point, Karen, who is our treasurer as well as our office administrator, says we have funds on hand to see us through to the end of July.

My thanks to Sherry Rasmussen, Chuck Hasselfield, John Poettcker, and Karen Corbett for your dedication and good humour as we navigate our way to ‘new normals’. Also to Cheryl Anderson, chair of Council, and to Susan Ketchen and Shirley May as they work with Cheryl on protocols about the possibilities of re-opening; finally many thanks to members of the Ministry and Personnel Committee – Dianne Blewett, Susan Ketchen, and Virginia Platt – who have been thoughtful and active in their support of Harrow staff.

Until next time,

May the blessings of hope, of strength, of patience, of joy and of love be yours in abundance.

Yours in Christ,


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Harrow United Church

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