Weekly Message June 21

Sunday Coffee continues each week from 10 a.m. until approximately 10:40. If you would like to ‘drop-in’ for coffee any Sunday, just request the recurring link to the zoom meeting. It’s a great way to stay connected and catch up on the news we often share over the coffee and goodies table when we are worshipping in the church building.

The link for this Sunday’s worship is:


Questions About Reopening

Many folks are wondering about … “When will the church reopen?”

It’s a good question, but one for which we really don’t have an answer. The reality is, we could allow some people to be in our building at this moment. The other realities are that there would be many conditions in place: limits on the number of people, requiring people to maintain 2-meter distances from others at all times, requiring the use of hand sanitizer, restricting movement to strict paths and particular doorways, sanitization of door handles and any other surfaces that have been touched … and of course, we are not allowed to have food, to sing, to touch – which means our usual pattern of happily greeting one another, of being able to sit close enough to have a conversation, of singing hymns or birthday blessings, of sharing in communion, or having coffee and cookies – none of this is possible at the present time. We would also, by our calculations, be restricted to approximately 25 – 30 people in the sanctuary, perhaps a few more in the Upper Hall.

All of which is to say, for the time being, we will be continuing Sunday coffee, worship services, Council meetings and other activities in a virtual manner rather than face to face.

Living with uncertainty is difficult … more difficult for some than others. Perhaps the serenity prayer will help: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The Prayers of the People for June 21, 2020 – summer solstice

God, you are Maker and Mender of the universe.

On this solstice, this tipping point of the seasons, hear our prayers for our world, and for ourselves.

When we pause to consider the motions and rhythms of our planet, we are struck with awe … and perhaps a little fear. At this tipping point of the seasons, tilt us, we pray, to deeper understanding, to a willingness to listen, to a sharing of new perspectives.

We confess that, just as we are often blissfully unaware of the travels of the Earth through space, just as we are happily oblivious to Your presence in and around us at all times, so too, are we unaware of the pain and suffering we cause by our privilege, our easy dismissal of the suffering of others – especially those who are ‘not like us’.

[silence …]

We bring our prayers for the anguish of our neighbours, the anguish or our communities, and the anguish of all the corners of your creation.

We lift our prayers for those who live with fear and injustice because of the colour of their skin, their gender identity, their religion …

When we grow tired of seeing news articles about racism against Blacks or Indigenous Peoples, remind us that as tired as we are of seeing and hearing it, THEY are tired of living with it.

When we are tempted to take a break from being concerned about our neighbours, remind us they don’t have the privilege to opt out of the reality of racism and injustice.

As you poured out your Spirit at Pentecost, help us to know that your Spirit is moving among those of us who are privileged and comfortable – prompting, disrupting, prodding and urging. And help us to know that your Spirit is also moving among those who are wounded – soothing, comforting and encouraging.

Grant us, always, a sense of awe and curiosity – about the world around us, the sky above us, the neighbours beside us …

Thank you, God, that our planet continues in predictable motion, perfectly poised, perfectly balanced around its axis.

Grant us hearts to reflect that same balance in our relations with the planet, in our relations with one another.

Today is the summer solstice – the world is perfectly poised – and is about to turn …


More reading here:


Until next week, I am yours in Christ,


(Rev.) Teresa Moysey

Harrow United Church

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